Helpful links about the education of Zoroastrian and Organizations for further reading. 

All Faiths Press Zoroastrian page

Articles on ancient Persia

Ruins of an ancient fire temple in Iran

Australian Zoroastrian Association of New South Wales

Avestan language program at the University of Minnesota

Bombay Parsi Punchayet

California Zoroastrian Center

Comunidad Ashavan - Chile

Cyrus The Great
First Achaemenian Emperor

Early Persia Famous Zoroastrians


The Fire-temple at Baku

Persian and Gujarati software

FEZANA -- Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America

From Zoroaster to Borbad by Dr. Iraj Bashiri. A cultural history of Iran, including the symbolism of the Sudre and Kusti

Influences of Zoroastrianism on Judaism and Christianity (Mark Willey).

Interfaith Web Magazine
Has occasional articles on Zoroastrianism

One of the most active Iranian community websites on the Internet

Iranian Languages & Script
Includes Avestan fonts

Iranian Studies at Harvard University
Intro to Young Avestan, Old Persian, Zoroastrianism, and more! (P. Oktor Skjaervo, Aga Khan Professor of Iranian, Harvard University, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, 6 Divinity Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138)

Iranica TOC, with Zoroastranism articles from Encyclopedia Iranica

Kuwait Zoroastrianism Association



Mumbai/Bombay: The Parsis

MSN Ahunavar Group

New Age Zoroastrian Society

Audio prayers and more. CD coming soon.

Parsi Bazaar Parsi Cuisine
(Rita Kapadia)

Parsi Resource Group

Persepolis and Ancient Iran:
Oriental Institute


Religion: Yahoo - Society and Culture: Religion: Zoroastrianism Religious and Sacred exts

Religious Sculpture and Statuary
Includes an excellent sculpture of a

Sasanian coins

Shah Nameh of Ferdowsi
Rostam: Tales from the Shahnameh

Societas Gnostica Norvegia Stanford Zoroastrian Group Sunrise calculator

Textcorpus Avesta and Indo-European languages

Traditional Zoroastrianism Home Page
(Porus Havewalla and others)

The UNESCO Parsi Zoroastrian Project University of Sydney Central Asian Programme
Includes details of excavations at early 'fire temples' in Uzbekistan, specifically in ancient Chorasmia

Various Zoroastrian Fire-temples
A Web journal on Zoroastrian heritage Voice of America: The news in Persian (Real Audio!) and a nice selection of traditional Persian musicians

World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce

World Zoroastrian Organisation

by Shahriar Shahriari. Dedicated to promoting the spiritual philosophy of Zarathushtra.

Zarthushti Anjuman of Northern California (ZANC)

The Zarathushtrian Assembly

Zoroastrian Association of Arizona

The Zoroastrian Association at MIT

Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Chicago

Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington

Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York

Zoroastrian Association of Shiraz

Zoroastrian Kids Korner

Zoroastrian Net


Zoroastrian page of Vispi Homi Bulsara

Zoroastrian Poetry Group

Zoroastrian Society of Ontario

Zoroastrianism: Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

Zoroastrianism and Parsis in Science Fiction

Zoroastrianism page of Hannah M.G. Shapero

Zoroastrian Priestly Services by Ervad Kerman Katrak of Ontario, Canada

Zoroastrian Religion (Soli Bamji) Joe and Candy Petersons' Twilit Grotto