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Lord of Wisdom is a Zoroastrian Cultural, Educational and Religious NGO (non-governmental organization) that operates independently of a government. Our vision is to make this world a better place by up-holding Zoroastrian philosophy; that holds sacred and divine our deity WISDOM. The principals that encompasses: freedom-of-choice (Freedom of thought and speech), good thinking (Vohu-Mana), education, justice, life, happiness, good governance, equality, clean environment, and charity.

MISSION:  (All things are possible with the Zoroastrian deity; Wisdom)


The problems facing our world today are deeper and more serious than ever imagined. Humans face high levels of poverty, pollution, war and injustice, treating these problems requires the right medication to remedy and cure the world. We further believe that the current decline and fall of our great world or planet is a consequence of abandoning the progressive principles of Zoroastrianism. Lord of Wisdom believes the solution to the current global crisis is the Zoroastrian philosophy. Our aim is a resurgence of a suppressed Zoroastrian worldview to build a vibrant global community with team work and collaboration that respects the sovereignty and independence of all individuals, cultures and nations. Lord of Wisdom encourages promoting intellectual support both mental and physical to progress the welfare of the human species.


The current world leadership lacks the required vision that is articulated in Yatha-Ahu (Ahuna Vairya) philosophy. To improve the human condition we must abandon the mentality that; if it makes money, then it is right, instead of; do the right thing because, it is right. The abandonment of the Zoroastrian Manthra; Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds has resulted in compromising the health and wellbeing of our divine planet and human species.




The Principle of Choice

Transliterated Text:

ýathâ ahû vairyô
athâ ratush ashâtcît hacâ
vanghêush dazdâ mananghô
shyaothananãm anghêush mazdâi
xshathremcâ ahurâi â
ýim drigubyô dadat vâstârem.

Translated Text:

Both the lord and the leader are to be chosen
because of their righteousness.
These two appointments are made with good mind
so that acts of life are done for the Wise One,
and the dominion of God is well established,
in which the chosen person becomes the rehabilitator
of the rightful who are oppressed.

NOTE: “Ahuna Vairya”, or as commonly called by the two words in the beginning, “Yatha Ahu”, is the Principle of Choice. It is the Zarathushtrian master formula for a spiritual and material democratic system in which one is free to choose a person as his or her lord (ahu — literally “the Being”) and leader (ratu — literally “proper guide”). A “lord” is a person who is able to free the world from mental and physical evil, and a “leader” is a person who can lead the world to truth, precision, progress, wholeness, and immortality. In other words, one is the remover of ills and evils in the living world, particularly the human society, and the other is the promoter and the developer of the now clean and free-from-evil world. It may be noted that the term “lord” used here to denote “ahu” does not convey the usual English meaning of one who holds a position of arbitrary authority but “the being” who is democratically chosen to a position of trust because of his or her proven righteous record.

The only criterion for the choice of such a person is his or her righteous record of competent service. The choice for the appointments is based on good mind, sound judgment, and discretion. Such a righteous selection leads the people to work for God alone — an act that transforms the world into a divine dominion, chosen and established by the people themselves. It is, in fact, the spiritual and material dominion of the people, by the people, for the people, yet selflessly and devotedly established in the name of God, the Sovereign. It is the order in which no one is wrongly oppressed. The chosen lord and leader see that all those who are wrongfully oppressed and have their rights taken away, are fully rehabilitated. The divine dominion has no oppression and therefore, no one as oppressed and impoverished.

This short stanza of 20 words and two particles encapsulates the spirit of the entire Gathas, the sublime songs of Zarathushtra. It is a unique formula for a divinely inspired, sound democracy which ensures mental and physical peace and prosperity for all the living beings, including mankind.

The following terms and phrases are worthy of special attention and consideration: The emphasis on “vairyo”, to be chosen, worthy of election; “ashaat-cheet hacha”, only on account of righteousness, qualified for competency and accuracy; “vangheush manangho”, of good mind, based on good thinking; “shyaothananam angheush”, acts of life; “Mazdaai”, for the Wise One; “khshathrem-chaa Ahuraai aa”, the dominion belongs to God; “drigubyo”, to the wrongly “restrained”, the oppressed righteous; and “dadat vaastaarem”, appointed a “rehabilitator”, gave a reinstating person.

Keeping the above points in mind, we can realize the significance of the stanza. It is the basis for evolving a peaceful world. It provides us with the freedom to choose our spiritual and physical lord and leader and then work with him or her to create the world which we have all along been desiring.

That is the reason the Avesta, that part of the collection of the writings which follows and sometimes explains the Gathas, lays the highest emphasis on the Ahuna Vairya formula. According to it, it concerns the principles which lead to salvation — “”the best life, the best righteousness, the best enlightenment… Should the material world understand it, memorize it, Ahuna Vairya would lead to immortality…”” (Yasna 19, an Avestan commentary on Ahuna Vairya)

It is because of Ahuna [Vairya}, the true beginning of the Gathas at the head of the first song, that the First Gatha of seven songs is called “Ahunavaiti,” literally “possessing Ahuna [Vairya}.

With Ahuna Vairya in view, we can understand all the 100 stanzas of the seven songs, particularly the second song, better. And we will comprehend mental and material, spiritual and physical “democracy” and “freedom of choice” even better.