Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds


Good Thoughts

When we are in doubt whether an action is good or bad, abstain from it.

Good Words

Turn yourself not away from three best things: Good Thought, Good Word, and Good Deed.

Good Deeds

Doing good to others is not a duty.  It is a joy, for it increases your own health and happiness.

Zoroastrian Year


“Righteousness is the best good”

It is radiant happiness. Radiant happiness comes to the person to whom righteousness is for the sake of the best righteousness alone.

Music of Zarathushtra

Professor K.D Irani

Professor Kaikhosrov D. Irani is a retired Professor Emeritus of Philosophy from City College of New York. At City College of New York he taught philosophy for 41 years, and also served as the chairman of the Department of Philosophy for 9 years.

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Zarathushtra Spitama

also known as Zoroaster or Zarathustra was an Ancient Iranian spiritual leader who founded what is now known as Mazda-Yasna (Wisdom-Worship).

His teachings challenged the traditions of the Indo-European religions during the Neolithic period around 9000 years ago (7000 BCE) and inaugurated a movement that eventually became the dominant religion in Greater Iran. He was a native speaker of Old Avestan and lived in the eastern part of the Iranian Plateau.

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