1. A Zarathushtrian Perspective in Eco-Theology by Professor Kaikhosrov Irani   

  2. The Vision of Zarathushtra by Professor Kaikhosrov Irani  

  3. What is the Zarathushtrian Commitment? by Professor Kaikhosrov Irani  

  4. What Should Zarathushtrian Education Be?  by Professor Kaikhosrov Irani

  5. Cherishing the Ecosystem by Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli

  6. The Significance of Plant Life in Zarathushti Liturgy by Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli

  7. Twin Mainyus - The Gathic Doctrine by Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli

  8. Vohu Manah: The Precious Gift of Mazda by Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli

  9. Zoroastrianism and Science by Dr. Lovji D. Cama

  10. Any friend of Zarathushtra is a friend of ours by Dr. Jose Luis Abreu

  11. The Proposal of Zarathushtra: Beyond Religion and Philosophy  by Dr. Jose Luis Abreu

  12. The Venezuelan Experience with the Zarathushtrian Teachings by Dr. Jose Luis Abreu

  13. The Ethical Thought Proposed by Zarathushtra by Dr. Jose Luis Abreu

  14. Shah-nameh: The Stronghold of Persian Identity by Dr. Ali Makki

  15. Zoroastrianism - An Ancient Religion with a Pure Philosophy and Rich Traditions  by Dr. Ardeshir Anoushiravani

  16. Psychology of the Gathas A Psycho-historical view of teachings of Zarathushtra  by Dr. Ardeshir Anoushiravani

  17. Zarathushtra's Vision by Dr. Stanley Insler

  18. Zarathushtra by Dr. Stanley Insler

  19. The Love of Truth in Ancient Iran by Dr. Stanley Insler

  20. New Scope on some Aspects of Zoroasrtrian History and Philosophy by Dr. Paul DuBreuil

  21. Good and Evil by Dr. Soli S. Bamji

  22. The Simplicity of Zoroastrian Religion by Dr. Soli S. Bamji

  23. Zarathushtra and the horse by Richard Nelson Frye

  24. The Universal Religion of Zarathushtra by Ali A. Jafarey

  25. Woman in the Gathas and the Later Avesta by Ali A. Jafarey










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